Light, refreshing, easy drinking


watermelon tequila


2 chucks watermelon

1.5 ounces Vida Tequila

.5 ounce lime juice

.5 ounce house ginger simple syrup

.5 ounce Chambord

Garnish: Watermelon spear and mint spring


Muddle the watermelon in a pint glass, shake everything with ice and pour in to a short cocktail glass. Don’t strain, best enjoyed on a patio on a sunny day 🙂





Loaded with herbaceous flavors


rum yum


2 ounces dark rum

.5 ounce lime

1 ounce tarragon simple syrup

.25 cognac float

Garnish: Lime twist and tarragon twist


Combine all ingredients and shake, shake, shake! Strain in to a chilled coupe or martini glass.




Fresh and surprisingly light


Beet, gin cocktail


2.5 ounces Beehive Jackrabbit Gin

3 ounces Beet Juice

1 ounce Domaine De Canton

.5 ounce lemon juice

Garnish: Cucumber slice and thyme sprig (or a lavender branch!)


Build in a collins glass with ice, stir and garnish!





Bubbly, not overly sweet, dangerously easy to drink


little miss muffet


1.5 ounces Kettle Citron

.5 ounce Lillet Blanc

.25 ounce lemon

.75 ounce strawberry rosemary simple syrup

Top with prosecco in flute

Garnish: Strawberry with mint “stem”


Pour Lillet Blanc, lemon and strawberry-rosemary simple in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain in to a flute glass. Top with prosecco and drink away!





Our take on a whiskey sour… throw some coriander, honey and amaretto in to the mix and….YUM!


whiskey sour


2 ounces Bulleit Rye

.25 lemon juice

.25 lime juice

1 ounce coriander-honey syrup

1 egg white

Amaretto float


In large cocktail shaker, combine rye, citrus juices, the coriander-honey simple syrup and egg white. Shake vigorously for 25 seconds. Add ice and shake for 30 seconds more. Strain in to coupe or martini glass and float a splash of amaretto.


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