Great Cook Books

We love to cook at home, and we have a extensive collection of cook books.  Some of them are great and a few are not so great.  But we have decided to share the great cook books with you.  Without further ado…


Great Cook Books Vol. I




The Bread Bible

We are both bakers in the house. Sam likes to make bread and Han likes to bake the sweet stuff.  And we both love this book for tons of reasons.  The scone recipes are AWESOME and the brioche is great.  If you like to bake this is a great book to have in your collection.



Happy in the Kitchen

This is a great book because it has some technical recipes that will challenge you in the kitchen.  Although it’s also great to take bits and pieces out and put your own twist.  This one will make you happy in your own kitchen.




The Food of China

This is a great book when you want to cook good Chinese food. Not the Americanized version of dishes, but the authentic versions.  There are some really easy recipes as well as some more technical ones.  After reading this, it will always be a go to book when you want to play around with your friends and make dim sum.   We believe that this book is no longer in print but we found it on Amazon used pretty cheap. Check it out. You will not be disappointed!




Frank Stitt’s Southern Table

Sam loves this book because it reminds him of his home town. This a fusion of Southern American and French Cuisine.  It has some great stories and some great recipes.  Sam likes to look through this one when he want to put a southern twist into a dish.




French Laundry

This is a beautiful book, although it is not a book that you just pick up and say I am going to make this for dinner tonight when it is already 5pm.  These take time to prepare and to execute but the reward is top notch.  Sam loves to leaf through it every so often to get inspiration for his next menu change.  If you love to cook and you want a challenge, pick this book up.



Share with us your great cook books!

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