How To Stock The Bar

Every bar owner should know how to stock the bar at their home, along with the tools to make them.  You may not be able to make every drink out there, but this will give you a good head start, especially when you plan to have friends over to impress or make jealous.

So How to Stock the Bar!



From Bloody Mary to Martinis, Vodka is a must have in every bar.  It is also great if you want to make flavored Vodka.  I always suggest that you get a middle of the road for mixing drinks and then get a lower end if you are going to make your infusions.

What We Buy : 360 Vodka ($19)

Drink Suggestions : Bloody Mary



Gin is a must have in our bar.  From gin and tonics to gin fizzes, it is a very versatile liquor.  Not every one likes Gin, but if you throw some fruit in there, it can be a good entry way into the world of Gin.

What We Buy : Hendrick’s Gin ($30)

Drink Suggestions : Gin Fizz


Bourbon and Rye

No bar should be without Bourbon and Rye.  We usually have a high end bourbon for sipping and a middle of the road bourbon for making cocktails.  The same goes for Rye as well. There is nothing like sitting on the porch watching a sunset with a cigar and a Bourbon to sip on.

What We Buy: High West Double Rye ($40)  Booker’s ($50)

Drink Suggestions : Manhattan


Vermouth Sweet and Dry

Vermouth is not one we always have around, but we found that we needed it more often than not.  So we’ve got in the habit of keeping it in the house.  Sam likes cooking with it from time to time now that it is in the house.

What We Buy : Martini & Rossi ($6)

Drink Suggestions : Italian Iced Tea


Tequila Silver and Gold

There are some times that we regret having Tequila in the house… but if we didn’t have it, how would we make our Margaritas!?  Plus there are times that a shot of Tequila at the end of a long day is just needed.  Be sure and take the time and look for “100 percent agave” on the label.  This is the true Tequila.

What We buy : Patron ($40)

Drink Suggestions : Margaritas


Rum – Light and Dark

We don’t always use rum in the house.  There are some recipes that we will use in baking and cooking. Plus every once and a while I’ll get a mad craving for a Mojito!

What We Buy : 10 Cane Rum ($30)  Pyrat Rum ($30)

Drink Suggestions : Mojitos



We like to have Cointreau around for numerous reasons.  Its great to bake with and it can be mixed with just about anything.

What We Buy : Cointreau ($30)

Drink Suggestions : Mimosa



Not every one likes Absinthe because of the licorice flavor but does mix well when done right and in the correct balance.  There are a few things to know about Absinthe though; it’s no longer illegal in the states and it is not a hallucinogenic.  If you have the right tools and want to try it the classic way with the sugar cube and lighting it on fire, its pretty cool to do for some guest.

What We Buy : Absinthe Kubler Original 53 ($40)

Drink Suggestions : Corpse Reviver



We keep this around because Sam loves a nice big Negroni by the pool.

What We Buy : Campari ($30)

Drink Suggestions : Negroni


Tools For the bar

Every bar should have a basic set of tools, from a shaker, muddle and a measuring tool.  But you can get pretty spendy with amount of stuff you can buy, and some f it is pretty cool. Like ice ball molds and glass mixing crafts. We on the other hand keep it pretty simple.  Like this one here.

Now you know how to stock the bar, how will you stock yours?


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