Antelope Island Adventure



We had adventure to Antelope Island not too long ago.  It was a good time besides the Gnats that just recently just hatched.  Other than the bugs there were some good views to see and plenty of bison to take pictures of.  At the time we went there wasn’t a lot to do other than drive around and look at the animals and views. We did make a picnic of a few sandwiches and a couple bottles of wine.  We found a good spot to sit that was away from the worst of the bugs and we enjoyed our lunch.




If it was season here, we could enjoy the beaches, and the one restaurant on the island.  There are also plenty of trails to go hiking and biking. We could also enjoy the buffalo round up.

Lake Bountiful




From what we learned about the round up is that they round up all the buffalo and tag them for tracking.  They thin out the herd when necessary.  I know this sounds bad, but it is actually for the better of the herd.  The more of the buffalo the less amount of food for them on the island.






The full herd


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