DIY Give Your Leather Chair New Life

Here we are going to show you how to make leather look better than it did before .

As you all may know, we have 2 kittens, and they are quite the rambunctious types.  Well we also have 2 leather chairs in our apartment that were here when we moved in.  And in the short time that we have had Bobba and Elvi, they have done quite the number on these chairs.  This trick also works great on leather work boots too.

IMG_7105  IMG_7113


As you can see the chairs look pretty worn and the previous renters did not take good care of them. So we got some HUBERD’S Shoe Grease (This stuff works wonders on all leather!) It conditions and water proofs at the same time, which is exactly what these chairs need.


IMG_7115  IMG_7117

Don’t worry about getting this grease on your skin, it is not going to harm you.  Get a good amount on your hand or towel and work in to the leather.  Rub the leather until it has a good layer of grease on it.  Then let it sit for 10 minutes so it has time to soak up.


After you have let it sit, buff with micro fiber towel or a soft clean towel.  Ta-Da! Now you have a brand new leather chair!


You will never get all the deep scratches out unless you use sand paper. If you are going to go that route, use a high grit sand paper.  Something like a 1200grit or higher.  It may not be necessary, because after we added the grease it hid nearly all the scratches. They still show character and depth (which I LOVE), just with some TLC.


Have any of you had to restore leather chairs? Or let us know how this may work out for you.

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