How to Make French Press Coffee

Like most of America, we like to say that we love our coffee in the morning.  So much, that it is a key part of our daily ritual.

We used to have a large drip coffee maker from the 1990’s, but when we moved into a smaller place we did not have room for it and the stand-up mixer.  The mixer won and the coffee maker got put in storage.  As a space saver in our tiny apartment, a french press only made sense. We received the press as a house-warming gift and the mill followed suit, soon we had a whole new love in our home.

If you have a french press in your home that’s just collecting dust because you favor the old school style, we suggest that you take the time and make yourself a french press. Yes, it will take a little more time out of your morning routine but we should all slow down to smell the coffee 🙂

If you aren’t already a pro, here is how we do it at home!

How to Make French Press Coffee

1 – Grind some fresh coffee beans! We blend a concoction of fresh medium roast and dark roast that we get from our local market. After having some REALLY good coffee you start realize the benefit of quality beans versus typical name brand beans. Make sure you check out your local co-op for fair trade companies.



2 –  Set your grinder to a coarse setting to get optimal aromatic flavors. I LOVE LOVE LOVE grinding my beans by hand each morning with my Hario Coffee Mill !!!  This is a huge part of our morning ritual, there is nothing better than waking up and grinding fresh beans.



3 – Once you have the desired amount of grounds, drop them right in to your Bodem French Press and add hot, NOT BOILING, water. Leave about an inch of space from the top of the glass. Be sure to stir with a spoon for 5 seconds to release the essential aromas, flavors, and the most important, caffeine.



4 – Carefully put the plunger into the pot, don’t push down yet!  This is the most important part. Wait 4-5 minutes… Yes we know, its hard to wait when it smells this good.  Waiting will allow for all the great flavors, and caffeine to develop.  So take a few minutes and make some cereal or an egg or two.  Then press the plunger down.   The wait is worth it.



5 – Add kitten and enjoy! Don’t worry, we don’t drink kittens.



Now that you know how to make french press coffee.  How do you like to make and enjoy your coffee in the morning?

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